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Look at you! Getting married!

CONGRATULATIONS! This is the fun part.

Every wedding is completely different. And every wedding I do is a tribute to the TWO OF YOU, no matter how you decide to do it.

Take some time and think about what you want - take a look at the packages I have put together. Then call me.


A baby!

Babies are exciting! (and sometimes slightly terrifying)

I try to keep naming days personal, informal and all about the family unit. Let's have the whole family take part! That said, I understand that sometimes we need to keep things VERY SIMPLE. This we can do. Naming days ceremonies start at $600 and come with a Naming Day Certificate and a wish jar.....


Saying goodbye with love...

The first funeral I ever conducted was for my own Grandfather. Wow.

I thought it would be the most difficult thing I could ever do (and in some ways it was). But as I looked around me, in a room full of people who loved an elderly gentleman that I also loved dearly, I was struck.

How rich was he? And in turn.... how incredibly rich are WE?

Such a celebration of life is unsurpassed.

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