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Put Away Those Phones!

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Now I’m the first person to love a wedding pic. All the more from every angle! Every wedding is different and this particular rant is for those couples who have chosen to have their moment fully captured by a professional photographer. This poor guy can't even see his partner!

C’mon people - you’re at a wedding. And considering you are here, you probably know the couple getting hitched. In fact, it might be your nearest and dearest up their saying all the words and feeling all the feels. I KNOW you want to remember this day in all it’s glory. I also know from personal experience that if I try to capture an image of a moment, I am so focussed on the image that I miss the moment!

Sally’s advice? Think about your people up there, pledging their love and creating their life together. This is an important moment! Do they want to be there, feeling all the feels, only to look across their celebration to see a sea of phones? NO! Here’s a hot tip - they want to see your faces! Hopefully reflecting the same emotions. They invited you to SHARE their wedding - what better way than to live the moment with them?

Show some trust! This couple have gone to great trouble (and not to mention great expense) to have someone on hand to capture their day EXACTLY THE WAY THEY WANT IT CAPTURED. You’ll easily recognise the professionals - they’re the ones with the whopping big camera equipment. And It pays to be nice to them (I’ve always found that you get better photos that way)!

How to be nice? Give them an uninterrupted shot! Don’t hang out across the aisle to get a shot of the bride as she walks in... Don’t step in front of them to capture their perfectly framed moment... these guys have it all in hand.

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And here’s the kicker - your phone photos that have been painstakingly (and sometimes painfully) captured will pale in comparison to the professional shots! You’re using a camera built into a phone. The crew earning the bucks have top of the range equipment - and they know how to use it. So trust me... you really can relax and live the moment, watching your people doing their thing. You won’t miss the moment. They will keep it for you... and you will cherish a priceless memory.


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